Be Gold

For a clearer understanding of this revelation read 2 Chronicles 4.

What is bright brass? And why did Huram make the pots, shovels, fleshhooks, and their instruments of bright brass and not gold, (2 Chronicles 4:16)?

Bright brass is simply shiny brass. While, that metal gives the appearance of gold, it will “tarnish”, (, as it does not have the properties of the gold atom.

Now in the context of 2 Chronicles 4, King Solomon is seen building the sanctuary. And while doing so, he does some unorthodox things. One of which involves him using a heathen to build the house of God. Yes, God is the God of all, however, looking back at Exodus 31:1-6, God hand picked the architects, Bezaleel and Aholiab, of His house during Moses’ time. The same was to be done when King Solomon furthered the building of the house of God. Instead, King Solomon chose, “an unsanctified man, who demanded large wages because of his unusual skill,” (S.D.A. Bible Commentary Volume 2 Chapter 54). While, Huram was indeed a descendant of Aholiab, being a descendant of a godly person does not guarantee godliness.

Much like the bright brass instruments that Huram crafted for God temple, he represents the person who goes to church and looks the par, but does not live the Christian life. In the context of 2 Chronicles 4, gold represents the bonafide Christian, the child of God that has been tried in the fire and made pure, (Revelation 3:18). Bright brass people may appear like Christians, but ultimately rust away, and like many fake gold jewelry becomes green and worthless.

Let us be gold. Let us dare to be purified.

God bless!

-Holy Spirit Inspired.

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  1. Shavanne McCurchin December 29, 2016 — 10:04 pm

    Keep the word alive Daughter

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