Where are you?

Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden tree. Their eyes were opened. They knew they were naked and were ashamed. For the first time, fear stopped their hearts and accelerated them into a whirl of emotions: doubt, denial, death. In an attempt to allay their shame, they sewed fig leaves together to cover their secret parts. But, when they heard the voice of the LORD God, Jesus Christ, walking in the garden in the cool of the day, they hid themselves. The One with whom they once communed, the One to whom they shared their greatest hopes, the One for whom they lived they now feared.

Yet, Jesus, in His relentless love, called unto Adam and said unto him:

Where art thou?

(Genesis 3:9)

See, even when Adam and Eve forsook their Lord, God pursued them. Today, we may have strayed from God, and He is pursuing us. He calling to us:

Where are you?

God wants to know where we are. And even moreso, God wants us to know where we are.

So, where are we? Are walking with the Father, or turning our back on Him? Are we hiding His Word in our heart or hiding from His presence? Are we fulfilling our purpose in Christ or pursuing a dream outside God’s perfect will?

Where are you?

-Thank You Jesus!


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