Plug In

Good day Friends!

So many times in this Christian walk we get tired. Especially as youth, we find ourselves chasing a world we don’t even belong in.

Let’s make it our duty to slow down and plug in to God’s word. He is the ultimate power source. He is the fountain of life that will never run dry. He is the awesome God we can never stop admiring.

As many of us are about to start school, if we did not already, let us adapt a close relationship with the Father. So, as we diligently seek Him even when we stray He will pursue us.

What an awesome God He is! So when the homework seems unbearable, the teachers/ professors unreasonable, and our friends distracting just pause a moment. Whisper a prayer to the One who bears all burdens, who is just in all His ways and can grant us extraordinary focus!

Remember we are somebody in Jesus and He wants the best for us!

Be blessed Brothers and Sisters!


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