Come Out! Part One

To get a clearer understanding of the context read 1 Chronicles 17.

Do the children of Israel’s physical movements also represent their spiritual movements (vs. 9)?

As we trace the journey of the Israelites from Canaan to Egypt and back to Canaan we see that the Israelites move through different spiritual phases as they move from one geographic region to the next. Thus, there is no doubt that their literal movements were symbolic of their spiritual progression and even falterings. One notable example is their excursion from Egypt to Canaan. Them literally moving represented the restoration of God’s glory back  in their lives. And I would go even further to say that not only does their journeying represent their own spiritual track, but the fate of the church, modern day Israel.

Look at Israel’s beginning and juxtapose it with the church’s. God speaks to Abraham and tells him to come out of Ur of the Chaldees and follow His voice, (Genesis 11:28; 12:1). Similarly to how Luther was told to come out of the Catholic Church. Once again, Abraham had to literally move. Just like Elijah did. (The LORD gave me a revelation about this and it is recorded in a Bible Study, see 1 Kings 17. Whenever the “word of the LORD,” [1 Kings 17:2] came unto Elijah, he had to move and interact with a person(s), or isolate himself from them).

Where is our spiritual journey heading?

God calls us today. In Revelation 18:4 God commands us to, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” I would like to note that that verse should remind us of the plagues God put on the Egyptians when Israel was to leave, “the house of bondage,” (Exodus 20:2), and enter in the Promised Land.

Heaven is our Promised Land and earth is our bondage. Let us ask God for the strength to make physical movements that will positively influence our spiritual movement. Let us commence the new year with a greater spiritual destination!

Come out!


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