1 Kings 18 Bible Study

Why did the word of the LORD not come to Elijah for “many days,” (1 Kings 18:1)?

At this point in Elijah’s life, he was experiencing a desert moment, physically and spiritually. For Samaria had a “sore famine,” (1 Kings 18:2). There was no, “…dew nor rain…” (1 Kings 17:1). (Notice how the pouring out of the Holy Spirit is referred to as the former and latter rains). God had withheld His word from the people and that included Elijah. But, was it not Elijah who said there would be no dew or rain? The question still lends itself to be answered. Why as a prophet of the LORD, in fact, one of the only faithful prophets of the LORD, was he not spoken to daily?

During this point in time, Elijah needed the LORD most. He needed encouragement from the LORD every day. The LORD’S presence never left Elijah but His word seemed was seasonal. Could this be because Elijah was comfortable where he was, being fed by ravens and drinking from the brook Cherith, (1 Kings 17:6)?

Hmm, it seems as though the LORD only spoke to Elijah when it would cause him to be around people or isolate himself from them. Think about verse one of chapter 18, when, “the word of the LORD came to Elijah in the third year saying, Go shew thyself unto Ahab.” God is causing Elijah to be around a person; in this case, Ahab. Now reflect on the time God isolated Elijah from people and told him to go by the brook Cherith, where the ravens would feed him and the brook would be for his thirst, (1 Kings 17:2-4). If that is not enough “the word of the LORD came unto him, saying ‘Arise get thee to Zarephath…a widow woman…” is there to sustain you. Here Elijah is going to be around a person, specifically the woman of Zarephath. And finally, remember when the LORD was ready to “take up Elijah into heaven” (2 Kings 2:1). Though the exact phrase concerning the “word of the LORD” is not used, it is clear that the LORD himself through a whirlwind came unto Elijah.

Therefore, the LORD probably did not come to Elijah for many days because he was not to be around people since Ahab was looking everywhere to kill him (1 Kings 18:10). And Elijah was already separated from people. Wow! It was for those reasons that word of the LORD did not come to Elijah.

Nonetheless be reminded, that God’s apparent absence was only a build up for a greater miracle. After those three years of drought the LORD sends the prophet to Ahab with the message, “…I will send rain upon the earth,” (1Kings 18:1).

Brethren, there will be times in our lives when we feel that God is not speaking to us like He used to and that during the time when we need Him most He is not there. But, it is in those moments of despair and quietness that God’s voice becomes easier to hear. For it truly is the storm that causes us to realize and appreciate peace and the sense of lonesomeness that propels us to the Great Companion.

Be Blessed and have a HAPPY SABBATH!

-Holy Spirit Inspired

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