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Around the ending of Seventh-grade I wanted to have a closer relationship with Christ and the Spirit said why don’t you study the whole Bible. Prior to that I had always been reading Bible verses but I would be random in where I chose to read from and never really STUDIED the Word.

So once the idea came, I started doing Bible study. And now I am at 1 Chronicles 14. Of course, everything is written down from that day to now in composition books. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit has blessed me with inspiring revelations and that is mostly what this blog will consist of.

With that being said, I do a first read through of the chapter and write down any comments or questions I would have verse by verse. Following that, I choose one of the questions from the first read through and answer it. Usually one to three questions are chosen from each chapter and then I proceed to the next.

Thus, as you digest God’s Word, pray for inspiration and understanding. For the LORD is ever willing to reveal more and more of Himself to willing and diligent hearts.

Be Blessed!

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