Have a Little Talk with Jesus

In the still of the day and quiet of the night, take time to commune with the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you speak to Him. Listen to the voice of God as He showers you with encouraging words.

Always remember that the best time to pray is when everything seems to be going wrong: when the school work seems too much, when your friends talk about you behind your back, when your parents would not seem to stop nagging you. Take consolation in the fact that God is molding you and trying you in the fire to become something greater. Do not allow the devil to use that as an opportunity to discourage you. Rather, be courageous, exercise your faith and pray on!

As we await the coming of the Lord we must have Him lead us, especially since doctrine is being perverted, and false prophets are arising. So have a little talk with Jesus and spend some time daily in His Word.

God will always be there with you!

Be blessed Brothers and Sisters!

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